Top Rated Dueling Piano Show

We are committed to excellence in every show, song, bit...down to each and every note. Our booking process begins with an in depth Piano Show Questionaire designed to optimize the results of each function. This part of the planning stage includes detailing song selections, special dedications, all aspects of the sound and lighting and attire.

The Pianosrock Team consists of some of the best Dueling Piano performers, bar none. We pick players from around the country specific to each function to suit playing styles as well as regional tastes

We have received national acclaim for our attention to detail, The Charleston Post & Courier dubbed our show " What A Piano Show Should Be" 

Our show is non stop - no breaks except for Guest speeches. Our mission is for all guests to not only feel totally entertained at the end of our show, we strive for sore throats for all from singing a long. We are happy to share our stage and welcome guests brave enough to pic up the microphone, after all it is your show.
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